What you'll learn in this course

Hi I’m Brian Spear and welcome to The Golden Hour Course.

I’m super excited to have you along on this journey and I know you’ll receive great benefit from following through on the material laid out in this course. 

Each lesson will be filled with various formats of content for you to learn about The Golden Hour. Each section will have a video, text, cheat sheets and quickstart guides. I’ve even thrown in some challenges in there as well to give you a boost to get your own morning routine off and running. 

Just like riding a bike, I can teach you some material about a morning routine, but it's your responsibility to take it to practice and give it a try for yourself.

What you’ll learn from this course:

  • You’ll learn to change your mindset on your mornings and view waking up from a whole new perspective.
  • You'll learn self-care practices that will begin in the morning routine throughout the rest of the day.
  • You’ll have clear and direct frameworks to establish a morning routine.
  • You’ll learn why these practices together produce such powerful results.
  • You’ll receive guidance on these practices that are curated specifically to you.
  • And you’ll learn many more valuable insights and teachings along the way.

So with that, let's go ahead and jump into the material.

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